Dragonfly Place

   After being retired for over three years, Shirlee & I decided that we could use the extra income if I found a job, at least until she retires.
   Its going to be a good thing. For one, I will at least be able to communicate with more than, mostly, our cats on a daily basis.
   I applied for work at a local transit company in Vancouver, WA named C-Tran, which also serves Camas, where we live. After the initial round of interviews I was accepted and then began an intensive 7 to 8 week training course. My class (of five trainees) has just finished the third week of this course ( it is now April 16th).
   I have never done anything like this and it is quite enjoyable. We actually started picking up fares last week! Just driving a bus around can be a little boring, but passengers make it really interesting. Plus, where else could a guy go to learn how to drive the 40 foot deisel-pusher motorhome that is in his not-so-distant future, and get paid for it ?!?
   In all seriousness, I am very thankful that I have kept my driving record very clean, and also that C-Tran is giving me this opportunity to expand my horizons in a job environment FULL of outstanding people. Thanks again C-Tran !!!
   They'll be letting us loose on the public after a few more weeks, so if you are in the area and you happen to need a ride, maybe we'll get to see you on one of the routes.
See ya !!!